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Interview with UNSEEN Studio and Ikumi Nakamura

The former Ghostwire: Tokyo creative director Ikumi Makamura announced her new studio UNSEEN back in  march with establishing a new diverse of ideas with international employees . she mentioned last year that she left Ghostwire: Tokyo project for her health and for her desire to create original IP with her own team, and for that we decided to make an interview and to learn more about the studio and their vision which they have a lot of potential of making great projects, While it’s too early to talk about their new game we got ourselves a good hint on that regard, we also want to learn more about how her video games passion start and who has inspired her in making it



What direction will the studio follow in making games 

I like to let each artist explore and come up with their own creative ideas within a given range, based on the core directionality of the game. I often tell developers to “go wild” and “start big.” The creative that comes from such wild, big ideas evoke a sparkle of emotions like some fireworks. UNSEEN has many ambitious artists who work to inspire the team with their craft. This brings a synergistic effect on the work the team creates. I myself am constantly inspired by their ideas and works

Right now, since we are in the process of weaving a creative story while establishing UNSEEN’s studio culture, we are refining the best practices that fit UNSEEN. The process of giving form to the invisible is a part of every game production. It is a very exciting challenge to pursue something that is unpredictable



Will the focus be solely on making horror or mystery games

It seems that my name is attached to the image of “horror”. It is probably because my father, who loves horror, gave me a solid education on the horror genre and my way of life has always had elements of horror and mystery

It was always my dream to create horror games. “The Evil Within” is the only horror game I created in my career, and I definitely learned how difficult and punishing it can be

My areas of expertise include science fiction, near future sci-fi, mystery, paranormal, urban legend, and horror, to name a few. In other words, I do not specialize in horror and mystery only. I like to combine well-known elements and themes from already established techniques of various genres. This allows me to come up with original and unexpected creations with new stories that transcends genres. We are looking ahead and taking a look at various genres that resonates with people


Who has influenced you during your making games career and that you could take inspiration in your next project from her/his work? it could be games or studios not necessarily a person

One person who has influenced me is Mr. Hideki Kamiya. But no worries, I haven’t mastered his distinct ways yet (laugh). You cannot help but respect his level of crazy (laugh). I entered the game industry after falling in love with “Devil May Cry” and “Biohazard.” What I learned from working on his projects “Okami” and “Bayonetta” still plays a great influence on how I think about game development now. It was truly a wonderful experience to be able to learn from a director whose work I’ve always admired

In game development, you meet many different types of personalities. Each has their own personal background and history. That is why, for our current project, the inspiration comes from themes everyone is familiar with: relationships and death. I also like to travel to abandoned places that are very remote and I get a lot of inspiration from the people I meet and places I visit in my travels


Ikumi Nakamura officially unveils new studio Unseen - Play Diaries


What is your favorite games of all time? movies/anime too

First Generation Devil May Cry! Dante will always the president of my heart. The game has elements of gothic horror and has not lost its brilliance

One game for the enthusiast was Kowloon’s Gage. This was a very frightening yet exciting game I played when I was a student. Set in Hong Kong in 1997 before the handover of the city to China, the game was about exploring the demolished Kowloon Castle. Even with the limited graphics of the time, the game portrayed such a damp chaotic ambience that you would think you could feel and smell the air. I personally really like games with captivating atmosphere

I like movies that are depressing, and Midsummer is one of the best

As for anime, I like Madoka Magica. This anime refines one of Japanese anime specialties, magical girls, by combining it with witches. I also like anime that interweaves the strange emotions that two characters of the same sex go through in a relationship that goes beyond friendship


Will your games be published to the new and previous generation, or will you focus on the new generation only

As we make progress with the game, we will naturally find out which console best fits our game. We are looking forward to see what’ll be available


 What are the difficulties you faced in establishing the studio

I’ve always had my dissatisfaction with the old traditional Japanese style of game development and market and wanted to create something different  I’ve spent much time thinking about how to make a stylish, bold, creative, and inclusive game here, in the center of Japan, in Tokyo. In that respect, one challenge has been to find amazing developers, because you need an amazing team to make an amazing game. It’s still a struggle. However, our current team is consisted of open-minded members who understand the cross-culturalism that is part of my philosophy, and I am meeting many great ?artists through them. Building a team is never a easy task, is it

Another challenge has been to think and run a game studio as as CEO. My background is in creating games not business administration, plus I didn’t graduate from a great university. I’m facing the unknown every single day But I am actually starting to enjoy the process, even the struggle. I am spent everyday but seeing the face of my team members is my pick-me-up

Are you planning or open to your games to be exclusive to one platform only

The future is a mystery. No one knows it


Have you decided your first game and what will it be about, if yes is there a chance to give us a hint

A wild and unpredictable tale unravels in a stylized world. If I were to explain it with one word, it would be emotional-supernatural. It has a dramatic content where evil conquers evil. The familiar theme of “relationships” and “death,” my theme, will undoubtedly be part of the foundation of the new IP Stay tuned




When we can expect your new project? how far the production are going

I rather let everyone use their imagination than revealing it all


Are you going to make online games

?I love it to leave room for the reader’s imagination, don’t you? Isn’t it more exciting that way


Are you going to make AAA games

?Is this to say you would want us to make AAA games


UNSEEN is independent studio, you will also publish your own games? or you prefer you partner with big publisher

I believe we should focus our resources on the game production. In the future, it would be great to publish-in house, but it is an enormous process to build a company, form a team, and develop a new IP all at the same time. We are going all-out with a single focus. That is why we are currently looking for publishers. If you are interested, please email me! Ha ha!

I like to dream about meeting an Arab oil tycoon who wants to be my benefactor~!



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